Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Standing Rock - The Arrests Begin

Hundreds of police in riot gear and carrying night sticks are clearing the final Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, who remained on federal land in violation of orders by the governor to vacate the area by 4:00pm local time. Protesters consider the land to be indigenous property, Standing Rock, under treaty.

Enforcements included units from the Wisconsin State Troopers and Morton County officers, according to Unicorn Riot, an independent media collective. The collective also reported seeing a National Lawyers Guild observer being arrested.

Police regrouped following several arrests, returning to formation opposite protesters on the road. Remaining protesters anticipated them rushing at any moment.

Several minutes later, the police backtracked their position, leaving room open possibly for more back up or vehicles to arrive. With little sunlight left, and an announced clean-up scheduled for Thursday morning, it is unclear what their next move will be.

As police backed up, a small group of military veterans aligned with the protesters advanced their own line, keeping a distance of many yards.

A Facebook page called Inspire Bank Exits carried a livestream.

Source : RT

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Democracy and Class Struggle says the women are the real heroes of struggle from Standing Rock in USA to Kurdish struggle in Rojava in Syria to Maoist Women in Dandakaranya in India.

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Democracy and Class Struggle says General  McMasters three lessons from Vietnam about Not Lying, not having a close knit groups of advisers and not blaming the Press - resonate powerfully with the Trump administration first thirty days of doing all three.

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Democracy and Class Struggle says that Standing Rock has shown that the core of the new resistance is women - just like in Syria in Rojava fighting ISIS the Kurdish women lead - just like in India women lead struggle of Adivasi tribes for land and freedom  - 
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Democracy and Class Struggle salutes Chase IronEyes and the brave sisters who are in the front line of struggle - the spirit of these fighters is truely the GREAT SPIRIT OF RESISTANCE  it is unquenchable and burns in peoples hearts all over the world but today it is focused at Standing Rock.

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